Who is Suran?

Spiritualism tells us that human souls keep living and evolving even after death, and that they may reveal themselves in our physical world. 

Shay Garbarz is an Israeli channeler, born with the ability to communicate with spiritual entities which are not in a physical body. Nowadays, he presents the Modern Spiritualism, and provides us with the opportunity to come in contact with these entities and learn from them.

Shay began receiving guidance at the age of 15 in Brazil - the living heart of spiritualistic centers visited by people of many faiths from all around the world. Today, Shay communicates with several entities, primarily with Suran, the “spokesperson” for many of them.

Suran, like all entities, no longer needs to be reincarnated and has therefore moved on. Based on his and other entities’ experience, he gives us tools to a happy life in the physical dimension and beyond.

In weekly public sessions called circles (as the participants sit in a circle) and online Webinars, Shay allows Suran to speak directly to the attendants through corporal (physical) channeling. These circles and webinars are in fact lectures on topics dealing with personal and human development, healing, counseling and guidance.


Suran's Teachings

Here is Suran't first English channeling circle

Listen/download as mp3 file Here

Here's a segment from a circle in Hebrew, titled "freedom of choice" from 2013, with English subtitles. The segment captures the essence of Suran's teachings in 10 minutes.



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English Translation: Inbal Sivan

Private Sessions

Shay also provides hour-long one-on-one conversational sessions, guided by Suran and other entities.
To book an appointment, please send a text message through Whatsapp to +972-54-4818488

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